When it comes to your skin, it’s important to treat it well by using products that contain the best ingredients for it. That usually means going the organic, natural route as opposed to using products that contain a long list of chemicals. This is true for facial treatments as well, which is why we’re going to look at the ins and outs of organic facials and normal, non-organic ones.

The Products Used

An organic or natural facial will contain ingredients that don’t contain synthetic preservatives, colouring agents, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, GMOs and other substances that aren’t good for your skin. Organic facials contain ingredients that are certified organic and not tested on animals. These products, due to the effort that goes into making them natural, are healthy for your skin, especially those who have sensitive skin. Although, some products may contain ingredients that still irritate sensitive skin, such as vitamin C, essential oils or fruit enzymes.

They Don’t Differ in Treatment Technique

Whether you choose to have a facial that uses organic products or conventional ones, you’ll still experience the same treatment process. You could be in for an anti-ageing treatment, skin brightening facial, a soothing acne treatment, it doesn’t matter. The methods used to help you achieve better skin will stay the same or allow for more customization when it comes to different skin types and concerns.

Because of the natural products being used, your facialist may focus a bit more on the detoxifying aspect of the treatment. Working on improving circulation, getting rid of toxins and water retention are techniques that are relied on as well. You’ll also find that not much, if any, machinery is used during an organic facial. Professionals rely on using their bare hands for a large chunk of the treatment, whereas conventional facial treatments can rely heavily on them.

No Steam and Extraction

It’s common to experience a steam treatment when getting a conventional facial, however, that’s usually not the case with organic ones. As steaming the face is done to soften the skin, organic products do an effective job of this, as well as removing impurities embedded within. Extracting toxins is another method not commonly done unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The Final Results and Cost

While results for any skincare treatment will differ depending on the individual, there’s a common misconception that organic facials produce slower results. As this varies from person to person, the time between the facial and any improvement doesn’t differ much with organic and conventional facials.

Pricing for an organic facial compared to a normal one depends on the spa or beauty salon you go to. Facials are priced competitively, and the price of the facial itself will be based on location, not type.

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