Having glowing, tanned skin doesn’t have to be reserved for the summertime! Getting tanned without the UV rays by spray tan is convenient, accessible and allows you to have that warm glow year-round! The tanning session itself is quick and straightforward that is often completed in as little as 10 minutes. However, your spray tan can stay for a longer duration when you follow preparation and maintenance tips.

Before you visit Fresh Face NY for your sunless air-brush tan, check out our essential tips on how to achieve gorgeous results.

1. Extra Exfoliation

Using body scrubs, loofahs or a washcloth, incorporate the removal of your dead skin cells once a day for three days prior to the appointment. When dead skin cells are left on the skin during a spray tan session, you can be left with flaking and streaking. Avoid using any bar soaps or moisturizers while in the shower, which could affect the tanning color and leave you more “orange” than tan. Oil-based exfoliators should also be avoided, as the oil works as a barrier and prevents effective spray tan results. Having your skin perfectly smooth and able to absorb far more of the tanning solution. Dead skin cell removal prior to the session can also extend the spray tan results and not require frequent appointments.

2. Shave or Wax 24-Hours Prior

This is absolutely not a requirement, however, if you shave or wax, ensure you do so a day in advance. Do not apply any hair removal methods the day of your appointment or after the appointment, as it may hinder the results of your tan. Shaving or waxing at least a day before, allow your pores to recover and close. Apply a rich, smooth moisturizer after you shave to remove dead skin cells and leave skin smooth.

3. Skip or Remove Makeup On Appointment Day

During the day of your tanning appointment, skip eye and face makeup, as well as any lotion for the skin. Makeup, lotion, and even deodorants function as a barrier, blocking the skin from absorbing the tanning solution. If the products are a necessity in your daily life, pack oil-free wipes to remove the products prior to your session.

4. Opt for Loose-Fitting, Dark and Comfortable Clothing

On appointment day, wear comfortable, baggy and dark clothing as well as sandals, if possible. The tan may stain your clothes if they are light and tight-fitting on the body. Bras, tight shirts, pants, and boots will leave awkward tan lines when worn after your appointment. If you feel more comfortable with underwear during your session, ensure you wear garments that you don’t mind getting stained.

Now that you have the essential tips to prepare for your spray tanning session and receive the best results, it’s time to book your appointment! And you’re in luck, Fresh Face NY is offering first-time clients a $25 initial session or buys 1 get 1 free! Book your session easily online to get a sunless glow in no time!