Is there anything better than a perfect pair of eyebrows? Eyebrows are one of the most important features that frame and accentuate other components of your face. You want them to complement the facial elements you have, not overwhelm them! It may seem straightforward, however, getting “on point” eyebrows every day can be challenging! It can be frustrating and discouraging when your eyebrow routine just isn’t working out. 

Luckily, these minor eyebrow errors can be fixed to leave your brows full and fabulous. Here’s Fresh Face NY’s guide on the brow mistakes you’re probably making.

Obsessing Over Identical Brows

You may fall into an addiction of trying to get your eyebrows to be absolutely identical. However, this often leaves them over-plucked, under-plucked or simply a mess. The rest of your facial features are not symmetrical, and your eyebrows won’t be either. Ever heard of the saying “eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins”? It’s difficult to determine the shape and whether the two brows are akin, which is why leaving it to our eyebrow threading experts at Fresh Face NY is a trustworthy solution!

Ignoring Your Natural Arch

Did you know that your eyebrows naturally have an arch? Many feel that they need to exaggerate or create a completely new brow arch to enhance their face shape. Following your eyebrows natural arch enhances your eye shape rather than taking away from it. Arches should be kept two-thirds of the way from the start of your brow for a sexy, but natural look. Fresh Face NY’s eyebrow threading technique gives you perfectly refined shape that’s sharp, clean and follows the natural brow arch.

Matching Your Brow Color To Your Hair Color

A mistake made by many, even makeup artists, is applying a brow filler that matches your hair color. This can make your brows look quite harsh detract attention from your overall makeup look. According to Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba NYC and eyebrow expert, you should “buy a brow product that’s a shade or two lighter than your actual hair color.” You may feel hesitant as this technique differentiates from your regular brow routine, however, a lighter brow filler will allow your eyes to pop and leave a more natural brow finish.

Using Brow Stencils

Eyebrow stencils may seem like a convenient, easy way to achieve your perfect brows, but they often end up with less than satisfying results. The stencils are designed with a generic shape that is certainly not right for all face types and can either be too thin, thick, refined or short for your features. If you have been using this stencil product, Fresh Face NY’s brow experts can help rectify your brows and shape them to flatter your facial features.

Eyebrow threading is an excellent, effective and affordable option to have perfectly shaped brows. Fresh Face NY’s brow technicians only use hygienic, non-invasive cotton thread that is safe and removes the hair from the root for long-lasting results. Get your dream brows today and book an appointment with us!